Water Treatment

Our Acqua Chiara line of sea salt in beads or tablets is the ideal choice for water softeners and electrolysis pools. Our sea salt expertise in the service of water quality



Why choose Acqua Chiara?

  1. Sea Salt Purity: Our sea salt grains are obtained from pure, natural sources. Its purity ensures that your softening system or pool is treated with the best possible salt.
  2. Optimal Solubility: Thanks to its specially designed grain size, Acqua Chiara salt dissolves easily, ensuring even distribution in the water. This maximizes treatment effectiveness and optimizes the performance of your system.
  3. Crystalline Pools: For a flawless pool, rely on our sea salt. It will help keep the water clear and algae-free, ensuring a safe and healthy swimming environment for you and your family.
  4. Effective Softening: Water softeners need high-quality salt to work at their best. Acqua Chiara offers the perfect solution to ensure maximum efficiency in water treatment.

Our Products:

  1. Sea Salt for Water Softeners: Our salt is specially designed for domestic and industrial water softeners. It helps prevent the formation of scale deposits, prolonging the useful life of household appliances.
  2. Sea Salt for Pools: Our line is the ideal choice for pools of all sizes. It will help keep your pool free of impurities, ensuring a consistently enjoyable swimming experience.

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