Our story

A unique love for our territory

Our history began in 1922 when, thanks to a group of entrepreneurs from Trapani, traditionally linked to the salt economy, Sies (Società Italiana Esportazione Sale) was founded. After 75 years of history, the company merged with Sosalt, which had been founded 8 years earlier, in 1989, with the initial intention only to market the salt produced. As a result of this merger, the current Sosalt SPA was born.

The company, since its inception, aims to optimize the cultivation and harvesting of salt, without interfering with the natural ecosystem. The production potential realized has allowed the company to present itself on national and European markets. Currently the saltworks controlled by the group cover about 800 hectares, and ensure a production potential of about 100,000 tons. 

The industrial plant, which covers an area of 20,000 square meters, 4,000 of which are covered, allows to carry out all the movements of process, washing, drying, storage, in a closed environment, ensuring a perfect hygienic-sanitary control in all phases of the process.

In 2013, in order to strengthen the production system, the company has equipped itself with an additional plant on an area of 10,000 square meters of which 1600 covered in which modern packaging lines have been implemented, mainly dedicated to meet the demand from foreign markets.



Always attentive to quality

We have always been attentive to the quality of our products and all phases of the cultivation, processing and packaging process.

In order to guarantee the highest quality standards the company has obtained the following certifications :


IFS Food is a standard for audits at companies that process food or pack bulk food products. IFS Food only applies if the product is "processed or treated" or if there is a risk of contamination of the product during initial packaging.

IFS Food applies to:

  • processing and/or
  • processing of bulk products and/or
  • activities carried out during the first packing.

The OU mark was obtained by the Orthodox Union, jewish congregation of America, which is the largest and most accredited kosher certification body in the world.


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